"Balance is not something you find,

you can create it"


I'm Tiina, originally born in Finland, currently based in Menorca, Spain. Usually, You'll find me on the beach with my yoga mat, surfboard or with my dog. I'm a certified Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga teacher who is seeking new opportunities to spread the joy of yoga people around me.

I traveled many years before I ended up to India. There I got the first touch on yoga around 5 years ago. It was love at first sight! Since then, yoga became a big part of my lifestyle and overall well-being. The more I discovered, the more passionate I came to take care of myself and others, and over the years the passion turned into my profession. As a teacher, I'm really authentic and I love to use my creativity to explore new ways and transitions to move my body on the yoga mat. 

Yoga has literally changed my life. The physical, emotional, and energetic transformation that has happened inside me is something indescribable. I believe "the balance is not something you find in your life - you can actually create it." We have everything we need to start building it, and yoga is one of the best tools in that lifelong process. 

Of course, true balance doesn't come just by standing with one arm or one leg. But the transformation you're going through in the practice will give you the same tools (like patience, consistency, self-acceptance, etc.) that you can use to stabilize your personal life like you always wanted. Over time, the balance you create on the mat will transfer also to your everyday life. 


05/2019      Ashtanga-Vinyasa YTT (200HR) 

10/2019       Dharma Yoga Wheel TT Level 1+2 

11/2019        The Art of Yoga assists

02/2020    Yin Yoga TT (50HR)

11/2020       Prenatal Yoga TT (85HR)

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With Love, Tiina