Welcome to practice yoga with me! 

Everyone's yoga journey is unique and for me it's a honour to guide you through it. As a teacher, I'm really passionate and I'll always encourage you to fully enjoy yourself on the yoga mat.

My classes are available in English, Finnish and Spanish, and they are always a perfect match of challenge and fun for all level of practitioners. Read more below and find a perfect Yoga Style for your needs! 


Book a private one-to-one or a group session with your friends in my current location (Barcelona, Spain). Contact me to consult availability in the other cities and in Finland. Read testimonials and reviews.

15€/class  (55€/5 classes)          Groups: 30€


Workshops are a great way to improve our practice as we have more time to focus on correct alignments and get personal guidance as a student. My workshops always include Asana practice, breathing exercises (Pranayama), Meditation and deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra).

Through my personal interests for surfing and selected wines, I also offer two specially designed workshops Wine & Yoga and Yoga for Surfers where you can sink into the yoga practice from completely a new perspective. Find out more details below.


Fluid movement yoga class where postures are synchronized together with the breathing. You'll improve your mobility, strength and balance while flowing smoothly between the asanas.

Yin Yang Yoga blends together two styles into one practice - improving energy and fitness while promoting relaxation and healing. Yin style is a slower practice where poses are passively held for a longer time. Yang Yoga is more active practice working with blood flow, strength, stamina and flexibility. Together these two make a perfectly balanced yoga class.

Slow and restorative yoga class to relax your muscles properly and reduce stress. Instead of active movements, the focus is on working with the deep connective tissues and joints in a body. This practice will help you to recover faster after any sport and recharge your energy for the next day.​

Work out, but at the same time work IN! This fitness-based yoga class is a full-body workout to make you sweat and to get your heart pumping. You'll improve your mobility and build strength by using your own body weight.

Ashtanga is a traditional Vinyasa-style class with a specific asana-sequence. The practice is identical every time. This is a class for you if you love challenges, structure and work really hard with every single part of your body. 

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