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"I practiced with Tiina in Barcelona. There was a very nice flow in her class, it was perfectly sequenced and a lot of fun! Furthermore, she really loves, what she is doing and spreading positive vibrations all around. Tiina lives Yoga every day, not just on the mat, but also has devoted her live to being kind, open hearted, happy and truly free. I is healing and inspirational to spend time in her company and she also has a lot of interesting stories to tell. 

"Tiina has taught me to challenge myself, but most importantly, to not take yoga too seriously and leave the ego behind when trying to do a perfect pose. It's been one of the first times I have laughed at yoga and known when it's time to let go. Thank you so much Tiina, You are light!"  

"Tiina managed perfectly to design a well rounded class to our exact needs. We worked in mobility, strength, flexibility, balance...all while keeping a very nice and positive vibe during the class. I have been with a lot of different yoga teachers but I guarantee Tiina is something special." 

I attended Tiina's class during my surfing holiday in Somo, Spain in August 2020. I thoroughly enjoyed all her different classes particularly her relax yoga class which was the perfect way to recover from a day of surfing. I would recommend Tiina's classes to anyone as she is a fantastic teacher who explains all the postures very clearly and is always very enthusiastic and supportive. She also has excellent taste in music :) 


Cristina, 40



Teresa, 37



Raul, 40



Michael, 39



Marta, 38



Bettine, 33


"Desde el primer día Tiina ha demostrado un gran interés en mis objectivos en el yoga se cumpliesen. Es muy profesional y en todo momento se ha dedicado y entregado al máximo en las clases y su preparación. Es muy detallista, observadora y proactiva buscando en todo momento la forma de motivarte, hacerte mejorar y evolucionar. Sin duda recomendaría a cualquiera que se animase a probar sus clases." 

"Tiina es una persona muy empática, lo cual hace que esté constantemente atenta a las necesidades de cada persona. Tiene una muy buena memoria y personaliza muy bien cada clase. La energía que lleva a cada clases es muy especial y muy cálida, lo cual hace que el espacio de cada práctica sea bastante amable y a la misma vez te ayude descubrir nuevas metas, o simplemente - o no tan simple- a estar en el presente." 

"Tiina on superhurmaava ja lämminhenkinen niin persoonaltaan kuin ohjaajanakin. Asialleen omistautunut ja oppilaat huomioon ottava. Kokemattomampaa joogaajaa kohtaan kannustava, mutta myös rohkaisee ylittämään omat rajansa. Mahtava ohjaaja ja ihminen." 

"Menin elämäni ensimmäisen kerran joogaan. Tunti oli todella helposti lähestyttävä ja aloittelijalle sopiva ja sain myös aina haasteellisemman liikkeen jos tuntui liian helpolta. Tuntien lopuksi tehdyt rentoutukset olivat nimensä mukaisia ja tuntien jälkeen jäi hyvä ja raukea olo. Tiinan ohjauksessa oli helppo olla täysin vasta-alkaja ja aina löytyi sopiva versio, joka sopi kaikille. Joogat eivät todellakaan olleet pelkästään "lattialla olemista" vaan pitkälti aktiivista tekemistä, joka sopi itselle todella hyvin."


Hanna, 30



Olli, 31


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