Classes start always at 7.30 / 19.00.

All Levels Welcome!

MON:      7.30    Morning Flow *

                  19.00  Active Yoga (Vinyasa Flow)

TUE:       19.00  Power Yoga for Surfers

WED:      7.30    Morning Flow *

                  19.00  Relax Yoga 

THU:       19.00  Active Yoga (Vinyasa Flow)

FRI:         - 

SAT:       7.30    Morning Flow *

                 19.00  Power Yoga for Surfers

SUN:      7.30    Morning Flow *

                 19.00  Relax Yoga 



Calle Arna, 131, 39140 Somo (Map)



7€ / Single Class

15€ / Package of 3 Classes

Duracion: 60 - 75 min

Language: English

*For  early morning classes book your spot in the evening before 9pm.

Any questions? Contant me via What'sApp +358 505669535.

Descripcions of the Classes:

Relax Yoga:

Slow and restorative yoga class to relax your muscles after a long day on the ocean. Focusing on target areas like shoulders, hips and lower back that often get tight while surfing. This class will help your muscles to recover faster that you can be back on the ocean next day with a full of your capacity. 

Power Yoga for surfers:

Surfing demands lots of flexibility and balance, strength in a core, strong arms and legs but also a steady mind and a little bit believing in yourself! And that's all about this class is made from; to activate and strengthen correct muscles that you can stay longer time catching the waves. Learn how to improve your paddle power on the land and find the same focus that surfing requires on the ocean. 

Active Yoga (Vinyasa Flow):  

Challenge yourself and boost your energy level high in this playful yoga class. Focusing on improving mobility, strength and balance from a new perspective. This dynamic and practice will leave you energized and inspires you to cross your limits on a yoga mat. 

Morning Flow:

Wake up your body and set the goals for the new day. This gently morning class is a great way to make sure your day flows without coffee! We'll focus on lengthening a spine, opening a body and releasing tension from a neck and shoulder area. Guaranteed you'll feel the difference in your energy flow rest of the day. 

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