For yogis, wine lovers and especially if you're both of them!


Wine & Yoga workshop brings together Vinyasa-based yoga and mindful wine tasting through the creative yoga poses. Good vibes will be guaranteed! This funny and empowering event is a perfect way to escape from our serious lives and sink into the yoga practice in a completely new level.

The first part of the event is a funny and experimental yoga class where we use wine glass as a "gazing point" to deepen each posture during the practice. Yoga with wine on the other hand is a lot easier to said than done; with a full glass you have to be even more focused and fully on the present, otherwise, wine might spill on the floor.

The second part is the wine tasting. After yoga, we'll finish the workshops with a mindful tasting session. Yoga encourages our awareness and concentration, and these are also excellent techniques to discover new aspects of wines. When all our senses are more sharpened wine will look different, smell different, sound different and especially TASTE heavenly! Yoga allows you to appreciate wine more and you'll get like double zen at the end of the class.

Wine & Yoga is a perfect activity for birthdays, bachelorette parties and corporate team-building events.

Have you already tried? You should! 

Cheers and Namaste.



Let's bring a party to your living room and get all your friends to together near and far! All you need is your yoga mat and a glass of wine!

The class is implemented via ZOOM platform and you can join from a PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device. Meet your best friends online and enjoy an amazing time together with some Wine & Yoga.

"Tiina welcomed us for an online Wine Yoga session and it was just perfect Saturday evening. One might think Wine Yoga is a joke but it's actually a very chill exercise and the wine glass serves as a nice indicator for the whole session. We've truly had a blast time, especially because we could do a very fun activity with friends who are now far apart."

-Anna, 22, Czech Republic