Surfing demands a lot of flexibility and balance, strong arms and legs and strength in a core, but also focus and steady mind. That’s exactly what most yoga poses are all about. This workshop represents why Yoga and Surfing are so killer combination together and brings out the benefits of yoga practice as an everyday part of surfers' lifestyle. 

"By adding yoga as a part of our daily routine we'll be able to surf more, better, longer and healthier."

Yoga is not only helping us to activate and strengthen the muscles we need for surfing, but it also helps us to recover faster and reduce the risk of the injuries. In a long period, yoga improves our overall health and comes to rescue our body by correcting imbalances that every sport (also surfing) comes with. And It's not only the experience surfers who would benefit from it; beginner surfers should do yoga too!


Part 1: Power yoga class (45 min). The workshop starts with Power Yoga, designed for the surfers. This class will build up your strength, create flexibility and improve your balance and mobility on the board. If you never surfed before, it will give you an idea of how to prepare your body for this sport. It's also a great practice to keep your body in shape and correct muscles activated during the off-season.

Part 2: Theory. In a theory part, we go through the reasons why surfing and yoga are supporting each other so well as sports. We'll discuss the most common injuries and imbalances surfing can cause for the body and how yoga can improve to avoid them. We get also introductions for the different breathing technics which will help you to survive better on the ocean and face bigger waves. 

Part 3: Restorative Yoga class (45 min). Workshop finish with a slow and restorative yoga class where we'll focus on release tension from target areas like shoulders, hips and lower back that often get tight while surfing. Stretching is a really important part of the recovering process and should be done after every surf session to avoid injuries and relax your muscles properly. 

(Price is variable and depends on circumstances.

Theory material and introductions of yoga programs are always included.)

"In my personal experience as a surfer, I wish I could find yoga since the first moment as a part of my daily routine. Yoga has taught me lots of skills I can integrate now in the water and developed my physical and mental state to become a better surfer."

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